Thursday, June 17, 2010

Street Dogs

Street Dogs, originally uploaded by tabrandt.
Mmm - Mmm Good. Not sure what it is about these corner hot dog stands downtown but there is something enjoyable about getting a dog or a brat and a soda and enjoy the weather, when it is nice outside.

What is funny is I have been reading in some of my photography magazines about street photography and how more and more often taking these random street scenes is becoming more unacceptable.

Being a people watcher I enjoy just random street scenes from urban areas and shots like this in the downtown Milwaukee area are no different.

If you are ever in downtown Milwaukee around lunch time look for one of these vendors and enjoy a dog, I think you will enjoy it.

... and if somehow my wife is reading this blog entry, I never really eat at these corner hot dog stands and only enjoy taking photos of them.

One of my friends over at has a fantastic photo, check it out. -- Tender1

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