Thursday, June 24, 2010

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Through Rose Colored Glasses, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Well, the photos are getting a little strange around here, I know it but can't apologize. This is the type of stuff that happens when you really want to take photos and lack of mobility is keeping you from getting out and about to areas where there might be something of maybe a bit more interest. :-)

So, until I am up and walking at a little better clip and without crutches I am sure there are going to be quite a few posts of what seems to be rather strange photos but who knows maybe it will be a journey that will grow my understanding of photography or at least give me a little bit different perspective of the world around me.

Listening To: Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing


Anonymous said...

I love it!! You can only grow in the creativity department when your choices are so limited. (Remember how, when we were kids, we could play all night with nothing but an empty can and a bunch of neighborhood kids?)

tabrandt said...

Yes.... that is so funny. We played 'kick the can' so many nights. It was something we all looked forward to almost every night.

I currently move so slow that I have plenty of time to look up down and all around. Hopefully I will still pay attention enough so that I don't take a spill on my crutches. :-)