Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Kind of a goofy photo I know... but when you are not too mobile and you have your camera you just take photos of the interesting stuff around you. Interesting being a relative term knowing that being on crutches does not allow me to lug my larger DSLR around so I keep my little Panasonic Lumix - DMC-LX2 with me.

My middle son has been learning how to sail down by the lakefront so after I drop him off I head a little further down the toward the Calatrava and enjoy all the people watching opportunities. This week we found a little shop that rents kites. There were several people out playing with kites that you fly with two hands. I admit that I have never really watched anyone fly a kite where they could make it spin and do diving tricks. My normal kite watching involves kids, trees and either not enough wind to actually get the kite into the air or just enough wind to take the kite to the top of the trees, where it promptly gets stuck and those famous word are yelled

"Dad, can you help me get my kite down"


Debbie said...

What a funny picture!

foto-rolero54 said...

A superb photograph, well with you