Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goggle Boy

Goggle Boy, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

I am finding that being confined to minimal movement and absolutely no walking is a challenge. I am definitely making strides and continue to improve but still having trouble swallowing and accepting that I really can't walk on my foot for 6 months almost to the point where I am in full denial.

Needless to say... for someone that loves photography and wants to take photos every day having limited movement sure does put a wrench in the search for new and interesting subjects. This means for the near future I am somewhat limited to capturing the strange happenings in my living room. My kids are never at a loss to do something just a bit off center as you can see here my youngest playing with his goggles.


Melissa said...

Cute fellow! Keep snapping pictures of whatever...keep your sanity!

Praying for you!

tabrandt said...

Thanks Melissa. The prayers are truly appreciated.