Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ouch!, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Went to the doctor today where I actually got to see the damage. Nice lookin' foot, don't you think? Ouch!

Interesting note. The doctor was actually kind of excited that the surgery seemed to go very well but also that the tumor was so large and the fact that I had the beginnings of a stress fracture in my heel and they were able to see it close up before it had a chance to break. I was happy that I could add excitement to the doctors day.

The doctor then went on to tell me that the surgery was one that he has documented into an article and hopes to get it published in some journal of medicine or something like that.

So, I am on the road to recovery, although I am still trying to deal with the disappointment of hearing that I won't be driving for about 3 months. Wonderful.

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Debbie said...

rough looking ---

Praying for quick healing

tabrandt said...

That is so you no longer need to wait on me, right? 8-)