Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue & Gold

It is safe to say that the two things that really drive my kids is hockey and scouting. All three boys play hockey and wish they could strap on the skates almost every day of the year. They also simply love Boy Scouts. I am not sure what it is specifically about scouting that captures them but they just love the uniform, getting merit badges, outings, friends and almost everything else that scouting encompasses.

Above is my smallest scout at his very first Blue & Gold dinner. Since I had surgery it was very hard for me to get out and sit for an event like this so Grandpa and Grandma were kind enough to pick him up and take him to his event. I loaned them one of my cameras and asked they they please capture a few photos to remember the day. He looks so happy to be receiving his new neckerchief, which he couldn't hardly wait to show me the very minute he walked in the door.

I try and take photos at all of the events that my kids participate in for scouting, whether it be a Blue & Gold dinner, On To Eagle, Summer Camp and even merit badge classes. Some day when my boys get their Eagle award I will certainly be able to put together a great slide show showing their growth from a little Tiger Cub to a mature young adult who has achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

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bquad said...

I hope you are feeling better. We save you spot next to the windows!

Nice Blue & Gold!