Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wilderness Badge - Scouting

Wilderness Badge - Scouting, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

My two older boys and I spent a weekend camping with the Boy Scouts. One of the requirements for my older sons wilderness badge was that he build a shelter with a piece of tyvek and some twine. This is him in his shelter.

I was impressed that he worked hard and really built a nice shelter that included a small trench in case it rained, which it did. I was not so impressed that I wanted any part in joining him in the shelter, I much preferred the tent that included the cot. Actually, I would much prefer to bring my camper along on these outings but as the rules would have it -- hard sided campers are not allowed; I had to use the tent.

Interestingly enough, both my son and his friend that stayed in the shelter made it though the night and the next morning told me that they were both warm and dry, I told him that wearing almost every piece of clothing he took along for the weekend may have had something to do with his ability to stay warm.

Overall a good weekend although in hindsight I think I should have smuggled in another diet Dew.. or maybe two.

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Rob said...

Back when I was a scout, they didn't give us anything! I had to build the entire shelter out of whatever I could find!