Monday, April 27, 2009

Milwaukee Rainy Day - Color

Milwaukee Rainy Day - Color, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Another rainy day here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. By this time of year we start to feel like the sun will never come out. Just when we feel it is going to start warming up we pull out the t-shirts and shorts just to find out that the winds have changed and now instead of being 60+ is will be rainy and lucky if we make it into the 50's.

I decided with the weather being less then desirable I would go into work for a few hours. This shot was while I was walking to my car with the rain coming down and looking west down Mason Street.

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momma23blessings said...

That's a neat pic! And I've never seen traffic lights on the street corners like that (neat!). Can you tell I'm a southern country girl???