Friday, May 1, 2009

Look up

Look up, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

My kids love scouting. We enjoy the time camping with the scouts because we get some great time together with friends. They boys have responsibility to cook, clean-up, setup and take down. So on top of all of the fun they are having I somehow feel they are also learning some of life's lessons.

I admit that sometimes I miss my own bed. Even with a cot and a mat to sleep on it is not quite as comfortable as my pillow top mattress at home.

I remember someplace in my flickr stream there is another photo just about like this one that was shot during the last 'On To Eagle' outing where once again we were camping directly in amongst the trees. Next time we go I must just set my camera up on a time lapse and point it up like this and see what I get. I can only imagine how cool this shot would be if I got my hands on a fish eye lens.

Listening to: Kutless - To know that you're alive


Debbie said...

Great photo!!

Come on - tell the real truth --- you hate sleeping in tents on the ground!! It is hard on your back!

Thanks for going anyway. The kids love it when you spend time with them. It means alot.

momma23blessings said...

That is a really cool photo!