Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Game

Final Game, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Hockey is one of those sports where the season is long. This was my middle boys last game of the season at their tournament in Eagle River. Although I am very happy to have some of my evenings back I must say that it is also a bit sad.

All of the kids and parents spend so much time together during the season that when it ends I always feel like I am losing some friends for a few months until hockey tryouts start up again.

The kids are always sad when they know they have just played the last game with their current team. As a homeschooling family my boys develop quite a bond with the other kids on their team.

Listening to - Jeremy Camp - "Stay"

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Bob Smith said...

I'm hoping Mae doesn't want to take up hockey -- man oh man -- I don't know how you do it -- ice time / equipment / endless practices -- yikes!

Great photo --