Sunday, July 25, 2010

Found Toad

Found Toad, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

What a great weekend. Because of my foot surgery I was not able to take my little guy for his first over night cub scout camping trip. He was very sad as his two older brothers had told him how much fun they had when they were his age and went to camp.

I decided to ask my brother, who has a wife and 3 kids of his own if he might be willing to make the 2 hour drive and spend the weekend following my cub scout around and hanging out in a tent. He said that he would and must made my JJ's day. He told me that his uncle Steve was his second favorite Dad. 8-)

They had a great time shooting bows, bb guns, swimming, fishing and playing dodgeball. Stayed up till almost midnight, sitting by the fire, eating marshmallows and even had all the scouts sing happy birthday to him by the camp fire. He was even able to capture a few toads and play with them before letting them go as well as made a new friend that loves nature as much as he does and they hope to get together for a play day at a local park.

Thanks Uncle Steve
I am not sure if he could have had a better weekend and I am not sure I could ever thank my brother enough for making his weekend in my absence. Thanks Steve.

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Debbie said...

Uncle Steve ROCKS!!!!

I love the picture with Steve and JJ. What a great picture! You should get a 5x7 made for Steve and your mom - they would love and appreciate that.