Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Come Sail Away...

J's first sailing adventure last night.  As part of the Cub Scout Sailing merit badge we headed down by the Port of Milwaukee to take to the water.  Our oldest did this same merit badge a few years ago and when we first signed him up he was mad, frustrated and downright unhappy about being signed up for the class.  He wanted nothing to do with boating or the water.... this is until after the first class.  Once he was able to steer the sailboat and feel the wind in the sails he was hooked.  His first question after the class was "Do you think we could get a sailboat for the family?".  Well, we didn't get the sailboat but he excitement for the class was transferred to our second son who was very excited to be signed up and going.  Here he is on his first sailing trip.

Being on the slow side with my foot still in the oversized splint I stayed on shore where it was not quite so cold, with less wind and my car.  I spent the time he was on the water just enjoying the radio and reading a book.

Listening to:  Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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