Sunday, September 27, 2009


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I enjoy taking photos as well as I enjoy giving photos away. I took a series of shots if this young woman, who is a very close friend of our family. I burned all the photos to a CD and on my way over to our friends out I wanted to also give some prints, even if they were only 4x6. Without having a lot of time to send them out to WHCC or one of the other printers I use I just uploaded this shot and 8 others to and thought I would just the .19 photos so I would have something to give besides just a CD.

Well, at first the young woman at Walgreen's seemed very nice when she complimented "Very nice, they look professionally done" I was flattered and just said thank-you. Not sure if it was tone or the fact that I was humbled by such a nice comment but the next words out of her mouth floored me.

She then said, I am sorry but to protect the copyright of the photographer I am not going to be able to sell these to you. I told her that is not a problem because I was the photographer. She looked at me, paused and then said that she did not believe that I could have taken these shots and I could not have them.

I would like to say that I nicely explained I was the photographer and we were able to proceed without any issues but that was not the way we ended this exchange. To shorten this already lengthy diatribe I asked to speak to the manager and only when it was obvious that I was getting very angry did he relent and just allow me to purchase the photos I wanted to have printed.

But looking back at this exchange I wonder a couple things:
1. Wow, how is that that just looking at me she felt that she could tell that I was not the photographer. Is there a special creative look I am missing?
2. When I upload the photos I would think that the metadata that I included in LightRoom would have come along with the file and if copyright was a concern would not looking at the metadata been a much quicker way to settle our issue. The copyright has my name on it, the same name which I used to upload the photos.

Anyway, problem solved. Don't upload photos to anymore and make sure that my time is better planned out to have them printed somewhere else.

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Debbie said...

I love this picture! Very beautiful! Good job taking the shot!