Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Janesville Roundhouse

Janesville Roundhouse by tabrandt
Janesville Roundhouse, a photo by tabrandt on Flickr.

Stop number two on our day of touring cool places in Janesville Wisconsin. This was taken at the Janesville Roundhouse (http://www.steamtrainsandtractors.com/Janesville_Roundhouse.html).

We didn't get to hang around in the yard or by the roundhouse as it was quite squishy and wet around Janesville today. We did however were given a tour by Steve; he told us about how fast these big red trains can go, how far they go and much more wonderful information about his trains.

If you are ever in Janesville take a few minutes and check out the Janesville Roundhouse. Even if you are not a train fanatic you will truly enjoy meeting Steve and hearing about the trains.

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Melissa said...

Those are so neat! We went on a field trip last year to the Central of Georgia railway roundhouse in Savannah Georgia and found it very fascinating. We learned much about the history of trains.