Tuesday, September 13, 2011


OUCH! by tabrandt
OUCH!, a photo by tabrandt on Flickr.

I know, I know... a bit on the gross side. I am sure my wife will ask why I posted such a nasty shot. I don't have a good answer -- any ideas?

Oldest kid took a finger to the eye during soccer match -- ouch!

He didn't get home from the game until late. Called the eye doctor, who called me back at 10:15 PM and then offered to meet me in his office to take a look, now that is what I call customer service.

He will be a bit sore for a while but none of the trauma was where his contacts cover so he is able to wear contacts and continue playing the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

You're right, it's kinda gross/kinda cool. I'm the same way with photography. I took about 20 pictures of a dead snapping turtle last week at the beach. I believe our instinct with photography is to document truth, whether it or not it is comfortable.

Anonymous said...

The picture almost knocked out of my chair when I opened it...not from being gross but from the pain your son must have felt. Kids are tough. What a dedicated eye doctor!
Retiredguy1946 (Bill)

tabrandt said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, the get hurt and then they heal so fast. I fall and I am down for a week.