Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazing Save..... almost

Amazing Save..... almost, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Our yearly pilgrimage to Eagle River for some hockey in the Dome as well as the 'New Rink' I have renamed the 'Shed'.

We are the team in yellow... played hard but ended up a goal short, losing 3-2 against a very formidable New Richmond team.

I was hoping to capture our goalie making a great save, he had made so many over the course of the weekend I thought I was set to capture one of them to print for his Mom and Dad.... Well, didn't work out quite the way I had it all planned out. MIssed capturing a really good save but ended up capturing the other young guy making a really great shot.

I don't know your name #7 but 'Nice Shot'! (you can see the puck in the back of the net if you look closely. Trying to be a good hockey dad I found the email for the manager of the New Richmond team and emailed her a copy of the photo to send to the parents of this player with the good shot.


Debbie said...

I do love the picture! Too bad the shot wasn't stopped!

Melissa said...

As always, great picture! And a very nice gesture offering the photo to the opponent.

tabrandt said...

Thanks Melissa. Opponent for the moment but in the end just another family that loves to watch their child play hockey. I hope they liked it. 8-)