Monday, October 4, 2010

Fresh Popcorn

Fresh Popcorn, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Something different.

A friend at work pointed me toward a weekly street photography assignment -->

I have been taking daily walks at lunch anyway to get my foot back in working order since the surgery as well as trying to get in a little better shape. I think this will be a good fit, I can walk and take my camera out and catch some downtown Milwaukee shots in the process.

There is also the flickr website where your photo gets uploaded if you choose to participate ==>

Street Photography Now - The Book by Sophie Howrath and Stephen McClaren
Much of the inspiration around the project is based on the book which you can see a nice little preview -->

Hope you enjoy the photos or choose to participate.


Debbie said...

In black and white it makes it look like an old fashioned photo of days gone by.

tabrandt said...

Thanks Debbie.... but one of these days I think I need to take some photos that have more people than just my lovely wife comment. 8-)