Sunday, November 15, 2009

On the move

On the move, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Hockey, almost every day and most certainly every weekend from September through March... With 3 kids playing hockey I seem to live at the rink but honestly in this fast moving world we live in where it is easy to get caught up in the little things in life, hockey provides a great way to actually spend time with your kids, learn a great team sport and stay physically fit.... well the kids stay fit anyway. 8-)

This is my smallest little guy chasin' the puck hard today. He could not be happier with his team and just loves his coaches. He had a very special day today with scoring his first goal at the mite level... although I still didn't buy him a slushy.... he was bummed, I saved a couple of bucks and didn't have a kid not only pumped from scoring a goal but also not pumped from pure sugar flowing through his little body.

Nice job JJ, keep up the great work and have fun. -- daddy.

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