Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Walk in the Park

This shot is from a guest photographer - my middle son. My oldest is not really interested in photography but my middle son loves going for walks and taking photos. Well, he loves taking photos if I let him use my second DSLR - Canon 20D.

We went for a walk the other night, me and the 3 boys around Whitnal Park and more specifically WEHR Nature Center. This is one of the photos I found on the memory card tonight as I was loading the photos on my computer.

My wife and I really like it and we are thinking of getting it printed and framed so that he can hang it on his wall which has a few other shots he has taken as well as a couple shots from my very good friend and sons photographic hero -- Rob Nero

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Debbie said...

I love this picture! JL did a great job! He should be very proud of his work!