Sunday, June 28, 2009

Deep in thought...

Deep in thought..., originally uploaded by tabrandt.

As a homeschooling family we value learning and the arts. We enjoy going to local productions at Wisconsin Lutheran College as well as First Stage. The other evening we were invited to Martin Luther HS to see a play that was both written and directed by our friends daughter, who although is out of HS has not been out for very long.

I admit that we haven't been to very many high school productions and I can only say that if "Parker Family Values" is the current standard of young acting talent in the Milwaukee area then we need to start going to more high school productions. The play was so good that my 13 year old proclaimed that the play was so well done that he thought "she could make money doing this".

This was one of the hundred or so shots that I took during the play. I may post one or two more, we will see if time permits over the next few days.

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