Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Prom 2009

Last Prom 2009, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

I am very much a self taught amateur photographer. I do however like to shoot a few weddings, senior pictures and for a few select friends I shoot their daughters Prom photos.

This young girl is the daughter of one of my very best friends, I have known her since she was about seven years old. This was her last prom. I just love the expressions captured on both of them and wish her the very best as she forges ahead toward college.

I normally just burn all of the photos to a CD and then print a handful of my favorite shots to give them. This year I decided since this is her last prom I put together a very nice hard covered book with quite a few of the photos. I think it will turn out really nice and can hardly wait until it is in so that I can present it to them.

Update: OK.... I thought it was her last prom. Her parents asked me if I would take her senior photos for next year. Looks like I will have one more prom. 8-)

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