Monday, March 30, 2009

Breakin' to the net

Breakin' to the net, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

What can I say... hockey season is over -- for a few months anyway and I finally have a few minutes to go through the photos I took. This is my smallest hockey player making the big move to the net looking for that pass that can be launched into the net, where even at this young age they know to put their stick up in the air in triumph of the score.

This was JMan's first tournament in his young hockey career and it was a good one. He got to play in 6 games in 2 days, play in the pool with his hockey friends and was able to have his very own hotel room key (mom was not near as impressed with dad's idea of getting him his own key), and he even scored a goal in his last game.

Tournament weekend complete.

Listing to: Billy Squire - Emotions in Motion


Debbie said...

Go JJ go!!

Debbie said...

JJ has really been missing playing. He is starting to really love the sport. How cool is that!!

Love the picture.