Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Into The Storm

Into The Storm, originally uploaded by tabrandt.

Every time I look at this photo I think back to the night that Stoughton Wisconsin took a bit hit by a tornado back in August of 2005. This shot was taken almost directly above my house as a plane turned and headed back into the clouds.

Not sure if I would ever really want to be a storm chaser but I really enjoy a good storm and the power they pack is simply amazing.

I would enjoy seeing links to your storm photos, drop me a comment with a link.


Myrtle Beach said...

Beautiful shot - Why do storm clouds always look so fluffy from the ground but when you're in that plain it's so frightening?

It's just a fluffy cloud!

tabrandt said...

Hey myrtle beach! Yes, I think that is one of the things I like about storms. The big thunderhead clouds make the storms fun to watch roll in.

Henrik said...

Beautiful travel theme shot!